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For solutions to your communication needs

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Vertical SBX IP 320 Communication system.

IP made simple for today's dynamic and growing single- and multi-location businesses.


Impress Your Customers with Outstanding Service. Build trust and loyalty by responding

quickly to customers, vendors and all other callers.

Developed in partnership with global electronics and telecommunications future

communications needs by  combining advanced telephony features, communications

applications,  unmatched ease-of-use, high reliability, and traditional as well as IP

telephony at an extraordinary price point. No other communications system  can offer the

same value to a growing business.


The SBX IP 320 integrates seamlessly with your network, supporting users wherever

they are. The SBX IP 320 supports digital and IP phones, soft phones, as well as WIFI

phones for mobile users.


Advantages of its rich feature set,  telephony applications, significant flexibility and

cost-savings associated with voice unmatched flexibility and value to meet the needs of

your business, so you can deploy VoIP immediately, or migrate at your own  pace. Either

way, the SBX IP 320 offers unmatched flexibility and value to meet the needs of your



Integrated Voice Mail/Auto Attendant

Professionally greet every caller any time, every time. Provide

one greeting during business hours and another for off-hours.


Uniform Call Distribution(UCD)

Take your customer satisfaction to the next level by deploying robust

call center functionality to automatically route calls to the next available representative. When sales or

customer service teams can respond to queries automatically, callers spend less time on hold and

more time conducting business.


15-Party Conferencing

Create up to 15-party teleconferences among employees and outside

parties to address business issues and meet customer needs. Passwords ensure secure



Multiple Tenant Groups

Create up to five tenant groups to partition employees by departments or

line of business. Each tenant group operates as its own virtual company, complete with dedicated

auto attendants and customized call routing.


VoIP (SIP) Trunking

Reduce communications expenses and provide greater dialing flexibility

through use of VoIP-based trunking via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) services on your SBX IP 320.


Mobility with the Nomad IP

To the busy office worker, this is an ideal solution that allows you to

roam around the building on your wireless network freely and still receive calls to your extension, thus

reducing the number of missed calls and ultimately improving customer service and satisfaction. The

Nomad IP handset can also be used from 802.11b wireless hotspots such as coffee shops and

restaurants to access your standard telephone business features without being in the office.


Nomad IP Soft Phone

for the Mobile Worker Employees can use their laptops as handsets, ensuring

they can make and receive calls even when away from the office. Whether on the road, at home, or at

a customer’s site, they always remain available.


Hot Desk

If your business has multiple shifts, you can economize on phones and lines by allowing

workers to log into different phones and still get their personal station attributes. This is a cost-saving

boon for small companies unavailable in competing solutions.


ezPhone™ Desktop Call Manager

The Windows-based ezPhone desktop call manager operates

seamlessly with Vertical IP and digital telephones. ezPhone allows users to power dial, manage

conferencing via drag and-drop, send SMS messages and handle a number of common telephone

tasks quickly and easily. Traditional desktop phone features are also supported.


Call Forwarding

When employees are out of the office, they can still stay in touch by forwarding calls

to any destination, including voicemail, or to a cell or home phone. Sales executives never miss an

opportunity and teleworkers receive calls as if they are in the office.


Detailed Reporting

The SBX IP 320 can help you manage telephony costs and employee productivity

through a standard Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) interface. This allows for integration

with leading call accounting and reporting packages, including Vertical Vodavi® Discovery CA. ™


Vertical Vodavi® XTS® IP: Experience the Power of Convergence


Why Consider a Converged Telephone System?

If the only difference between traditional and VoIP technology were different hardware and transfer mediums, then there would be no reason to migrate to VoIP. The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) remains the most reliable and is also relatively inexpensive as a means of empowering your business communications. The real differences in technology manifest themselves in what you are able to accomplish with them, in the application of the technology. For example, you use a cell phone so you can speak with anyone from virtually anywhere. In the same respect, you should look to VoIP technology for the business advantages it provides over traditional telephony: mobility and presence to your customers.


VoIP Without Compromise

With over 20 years in the communications business, Vodavi remains committed to providing exceptional solutions to small and medium-sized businesses at an affordable price, while maintaining our customer’s capital investment for future growth. With the Vodavi XTS-IP communications system, you can start by choosing just a few VoIP applications while staying firmly grounded with traditional technology, or you can opt to make every device on the system a VoIP device. With the XTS-IP, you choose your own path to take your business to the next level of technology and success!


Communications Solutions that Exceed Today’s Business Requirements

Telecommuter or Remote Office Support

With the XTS®-IP system, you can place IP phones remotely and they become fully-functional extensions of the host telephone system. Users can place, monitor, or transfer calls just like they were operating from headquarters. When used in conjunction with a Remote Services Gateway Module (RSGM) you can also enjoy the benefits of a local CO line served from the remote system to the host system. For example, if your headquarters is in Phoenix and you have a remote office in San Diego, headquarters staff can utilize the local CO-line in San Diego to place outbound calls in the San Diego vicinity, thus bypassing toll charges. This type of functionality all happens behind-the-scenes, so the result is seamless communications for your staff, and reduced overhead for you.


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