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Vodavi sts phone system

Vodavi STS system

The Vodavi STS is the perfect system for small businesses

and is loaded with many features

previously available only to larger enterprises. Best of all, this system is modestly priced,

making it refreshingly affordable as well.

Vovadi offers two voice processing solutions for the STARPLUS STSe System, an

In-Skin Voice Mail Card and an In-Skin HDD Voice Mail Card.

The Vodavi STARPLUS STS product family is a market leader in small business. With over 30,000 systems installed throughout the United States, you can be assured of the system's track performance and reliability.


Vodavi's popular STARPLUS STS telephone system just got better! The new STARPLUS STSe master cabinet has a host of new features that will help you stay ahead of the game. Features such as automatic daylight savings, tenant share and virtual stations have been added by popular demand. With the same modest price, the STARPLUS STSe remains a refreshingly affordable communications solution for enterprises requiring less than 48 phones.


Our new (optional) back lit display telephone has all the great features of the original STS phone, with the added advantage of a blue back light. The blue back light is perfect for low light environments and makes an attractive addition to any desktop.

STARPLUS STSe In-Skin Flash Voice Mail Card

Designed for small office/home office applications, this is a great entry-level voice mail system that will allow users to reap the benefits of voice messaging with very little investment. This is an 8-port system with 64 mailboxes and 3 hours of message storage, expandable to 9 hours.


Enhanced Features Included:

* Automated Attendant

* Automatic Routing

* Dial-by-Name

* Menu Routing

* One Touch Record

* Password Protection

* Date & Time Stamp

* RAN Announcement Mailbox

* Pager Notification

* Smart Transfer

* Voice Messaging

* Live Call Screening/Answering Machine Emulation


In addition to all the features offered by the Flash-based system

the HDD-based system also offers:

* Park & Page

* Cell Phone Notification

* Cascading Menus

* Incoming Caller ID

* Flag Messages with special delivery options

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Vodavi phone system
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